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    A.I.-Powered Problem Solving

    Quibble leverages GPT-4.0 to deliver the most accurate answers to homework, quiz, and exam problems/questions.

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    Learn More

    Quibble can provide you an explanation for your quiz/assignment answers.

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    Auto-Fill Answers

    Quibble can complete your assignment/quizzes with a single click.

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    Better Grades

    After completing your assignments, the Quibble extension can check your answers to ensure students get the best grade possible

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    Multi-Platform Compatibility

    The Quibble extension seamlessly integrates with leading LMS platforms including Canvas, Blackboard, and many more, providing broad accessibility.

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    Private & Secure

    Quibble operates in a private mode, sitting on top of a student's LMS platform rather than connecting to its API, ensuring students learn how they want to with our tools.

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Install Quibble from the Google Chrome Store

Click to Install


Activate the extension in your dashboard.


Simply highlight your question and right click, then click the Quibble button. Watch Quibble deliver the correct answer.


If the popup blocks something important you can drag and drop anywhere on the screen. There is also a clipboard function for fill in the blank questions.

Frequently Askedย Questions

What learning platforms are supported?

Our button is supported on the following learning platforms: Canvas 2.0, Blackboard and McGraw Hill. Learning platform isn't listed? Just use our text selection right-click feature to find answers on many other Learning Platforms!

Will it work with lockdown browsers?

Yes! Quibble is compatible with lockdown browsers and functions seamlessly on top of the Learning Management System (LMS).

What languages are supported?

Yes! Quibble will work in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.

What is the Difference between Quibble Basic and Quibble Expert?

Quibble leverages GPT-3.5 to deliver the most accurate answers to homework, quiz, and exam problems/questions. Quibble Expert uses GPT 4.0 which will perform better in higher level courses.